Your Neighborhoods

  1. Abbot Parkside Homeowners Association

    The purpose of the Abbot Parkside is to bind residents together in a friendly and purposeful way, foster a concept of mutual assistance, inform residents of important issues, provide a way for residents to act in concert to protect their interests, and further the development of Abbot Parkside as a quality place to live.

  2. Abbott Woods Association

    The Abbott Woods Association strives to maintain the grounds, work to the betterment of the property and involve residents in area-wide civic, social and economic issues to foster the general good.

  3. Avondale Neighborhood Association

    The Avondale Neighborhood Association's goals are to advance the quality of neighborhood life, stimulate neighborhood harmony, and represent neighborhood interests to the city government and the Bailey Community Association.

  4. Bailey Community Association

    The Bailey Community Association (BCA) advocates on behalf of all residents within the Bailey Neighborhood.

  5. Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

    The Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood in East Lansing, Michigan is a beautiful place to live. With approximately 100 homes, our streets are lined with elegant trees that provide a comforting shade to the neighborhood.

  6. Chartwell Condominium Association

    The Chartwell Neighborhood is driven to work with the management firm (which it hires), see to the outdoor maintenance of the properties (including lawn care, snow removal, exterior painting and repairs, roofing, etc.), establish and monitor a budget for these activities, and establish policy for members’ benefit.

  7. Chesterfield Hills Neighborhood Association

    Read through details pertaining to Chesterfield Hills Neighborhood, including information on the boundaries, meetings and purpose of the neighborhood organization.

  8. Crossings

    Find out who serves as the Crossings Neighborhood Representatives.

  9. Eagle Eye Condominiums

    Review details concerning the Eagle Eye Condominiums of the East Lansing Neighborhoods group.

  10. Glencairn

    Glencairn aims to preserve the neighborhood and communicate with residents in order to promote community spirit.

  11. Glenmoor

    The goal of Glenmoor Neighborhood is to manage and operate the affairs of the condominium development.

  12. Glens of Whitehills I

    Welcome to the home of The Glens of Whitehills, a quiet and beautiful condominium community located in wonderful East Lansing, Michigan.

  13. Glens of Whitehills II

    The Glens of Whitehills II is a small condominium community in East Lansing's Whitehills Subdivision comprising 60 single family resident homes.

  14. Hagadorn Hills Condominium Association

    See the members serving on the neighborhood board of the Hagadorn Hills Condominium Association.

  15. Harrison Meadows

    Harrison Meadows has the goal to enhance and protect the natural area for the neighborhood and local schools; advance the beauty and safety of the neighborhood and the enjoyment of residents and guests; help keep residents informed and take action on matters that affect their well-being; and cooperate with other neighborhood associations in matters of mutual interest and enjoyment.

  16. Harvard Cowley

    The purpose of the Harvard Cowley Neighborhood is to protect and preserve the neighborhood as a safe and friendly place to live as well as to sponsor social events.

  17. Hawk Nest

    Hawk Nest consists of over 300 single site condominium homes built by Mayberry Homes beginning in 2003. The neighborhood surrounds the 20+ acre Hawk Nest Park, which includes a playground for the children, walking path around the park, picnic shelter, and lots of clear green space to enjoy flying kites, playing Frisbee, or just watching the clouds drift by.

  18. Hawthorn

    Meet the board of the Hawthorn Neighborhood.

  19. The Landings

    Learn about the board of The Landings neighborhood.

  20. Northern Meadows

    Northern Meadows strives to support responsible development to preserve the residential character of the neighborhood, promote preservation of the natural areas and wetland in or near the neighborhood, and address pertinent civic, political and education issues.

  21. Oakwood

    Oakwood is known for its mix of families and students, who care for each other, share recipes and tools, and provide a safe and supportive community for LGBT individuals and families.

  22. Pinecrest

    The purpose of Pinecrest Neighborhood is to obtain and disseminate information about city affairs to Pinecrest area residents and voice concerns of residents to the City Council.

  23. Pinecrest Townhouses

    Pinecrest Townhouses has the goal of keeping members apprised of condominium activities.

  24. Red Cedar

    RCCA represents 2 contiguous neighborhood areas - the Flower Pot and Ivanhoe subdivisions.

  25. Shaw Estates

    The Shaw Estates Neighborhood Association works to address problems and concerns in the neighborhood, provide social events, maintain the entrance to the subdivision, collate the neighborhood directory and phone tree.

  26. Southeast Marble

    The Southeast Marble Neighborhood is a peaceful, safe, and quiet community located in East Lansing. The neighborhood is family-friendly, affordable, and diverse with a wonderful mix of students, seniors, and families.

  27. Stonelake Condos Meadows

    The Stonelake Condos Meadows strives to decide policy and budget for management and maintenance of the common and limited common elements of co-owners, and provide a newsletter to residents following meeting.

  28. Tamarisk


  29. Walnut Heights

    The Walnut Heights Neighborhood Association promotes community spirit, communicate neighborhood concerns with each other and forward appropriate concerns to city or school officials, and informs residents of neighborhood-related activities and events.

  30. Whitehills

    Whitehills consists of 13 subdivisions that are comfortably nestled in the northeast side of East Lansing, Michigan. The neighborhood is within walking and biking distance to downtown East Lansing, Michigan State University, the public library, post office, parks, and private and public schools.